Anonymous said: Sorry if you've been asked this before (I'm new to your blog, but I love it! ^^), but what are your 2k/5k/6k/10k times? I'm also fairly new to rowing, so I like to see how people's shorter distance PRs compare to the longer distance, &c. Also, my coach decided to start doing 6k tests in the fall instead of the usual 5k tests, and I was wondering if you had any suggestions with doing a 6k test? I've never done one. Sorry for all the questions, and thank you!

No problem.
2k: 7:37
5k: 2:05.2 split (sorry I don’t know the time)
6k: 2:06.1 split
10k: 2:11.9 split

I haven’t done a 5k, 6k, or 10k in about 5 months though.

I normally just work my way through 6ks the same way I do through 5ks. I also try to throw in a power 20 every 1000 meters so that I don’t get bored and distracted.

Good luck this season!

Anonymous said: So I just did my first 10k (I've only been rowing for a few months) and my last 2000m had almost the same split as I had when I did my first 2k (just a 2k) test! Just thought I might tell you that haha

That’s awesome. Good job! And now you know that next time you can go even harder during your 2k!

dauntlessyogi said: hey there! i'm kyra & i just moved my blog to a separate account, but in the process lost all my followers and had to start my blog over :P would you mind checking out my blog and possibly telling your followers? it would mean so much thank you!!!

Check out her blog!

Anonymous said: Based on your 2k/5k score, what split should you aim for a 10k?

I would say probably 5 to 10 split seconds above your 5k is a good goal. Mine is 6 split seconds above and my friend who I’m with has a 10k that is 7 split seconds above her 5k.

Anonymous said: What's a good 2k for a j15 girl heavyweight? X

I don’t really know but I would guess that below 7:40 is good. But I really have no clue. Sorry!

Anonymous said: What are decent 5k and/or 6k times for high school girls?

Not sure. It depends on weight and height and experience…

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Anonymous said: Do you have any suggestions for erg workouts to train for 5k season? I joined in the spring so I only have 2k experience, but I was talking with some of my teammates and they said I had a good chance of making the A varsity boat this year if I worked hard, so I wanna be ready for long distance pieces ^^

Build your aerobic base by doing long flat runs, steady state ergs, and other long and low pieces. Make sure you don’t just erg, maybe swim laps sometimes. Don’t train with a lot of short sprints but with more low intensity and low rate things on the erg. Good luck!

Healthy and Happy

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